1. MONKEY- quick painting/sketch

  2. Painting of my mum and dad for their 40th anniversary.

  3. Suntory time! Bill Murray illustration.

  4. Ned Stark- enjoying winter.

  5. 'I AM NOT ECONOMICALLY VIABLE.' Falling Down illustration

  6. New illustration. Oculus rift could be amazing. 

  7. Einstein taking a selfie, after he cracks relativity. 

  8. Acrylic on canvas of DJ Derek

  9. Painting of Paul Newman, very different to Wayne Rooney.

  10. Painting of Wayne Rooney- experimenting with soft brushes and noisy spatters.

  11. New painting from yesterday morning and this morning, about 45 minutes. Trying to switch between hard and soft brushes to suggest detail and soft focus.

  12. Speedpaint of the day, 25 mins- some guys camping above a valley. Think I made a huge mistake roughing the sky out with hard edge brushes- within the time limit becomes a bit of a nightmare to soften! Colours not to successful either, but I suppose that’s the main point of these paintings!

  13. Twenty minute sketch from this morning. Struggled with the hut in the time limit but reasonably happy!

  14. Planning to try and do a 15 minute photoshop thumbnail every morning, here’s the first! 

  15. An illustration I did this morning of Han Solo as he would be now…if it weren’t a long time ago..#starwars